Our Values

Our high quality and our respect to the ethical values are main factors that make our company to be a rising star in the industry from the beginning.
All the practices and sensitivities needed for the purpose of performing this culture that consists of these basic values, have been embroidered and adopted within all the organisation from senior manager to sub-staff.
We regularly have conversation with our staff to impose the philosophy that "being successful and being a company respected by competitors cannot be limited only with quality. The respect towards business ethic values crowns this physical success."
Our main principles of these conversations;
-Being fair
-Keeping your promise
-Protecting customer rights
-Giving account of personal actions
-Always performing the best.
It is not coincidence that we are at the top of the most preferred companies in the industry. Our success is a result of our deep fund of knowledge, following the global industry closely, receiving the innovations into our organization immetiately, performing fundamentals of business ethic via our superior production staff.

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