Electroluminescent means “Cold Radiation” working with electrical high frequency. There is no
resistance or filament directly in this technology. Electroluminescent only lights up with “High
Frequency”. For this reason, Electroluminescence is called Cold Radiation. Although
Electroluminescent takes the name cold radiation, Electroluminescence emits very little heat (25
degrees) outside. Electroluminescence never burns the hand that can be touched.
Electroluminescent need Inverter, which is a kind of transformer, to make the light. With “high
frequency” electrical energy supplied by INVERTER, it strikes the barrier between the pressures and
gets stuck, FOSFOR, which cannot find a place to escape, thus emerges as LIGHT.

Electroluminescent is a technology that was found for military purposes in the 1960s. Until 1980,
Electroluminescence technology was not widely used. In the 1980s, it was used for some industrial
purposes. Electroluminescence is especially used in automotive dial and interior ambient lighting and
aircraft cockpits.

Electroluminescent is only 0.2 mm (200 microns) thick. And every point Electroluminescence
provides homogeneous illumination. Due to its structure and flexibility of the materials used, it is
highly resistant to bending. However, it should not be folded 90 degrees. There is no kind of lamp in
the world so that it can be bent, 0.2 mm thick and have a homogeneous light all around. For this
reason, Electroluminescence has been preferred for many years in the appliances , aerospace and
automotive industries.

Electroluminescent products produced by our company have been successfully used for many years
in automotive, defense industry, aircraft and home appliances, apart from membrane switch and
graphic panels.

We have been successfully producing EL panels, EL strips and EL tape products that differ according
to demand for many yearsthe biggest reason why we see demand in Europe and Turkey is that we
are never doing and production costs without compromising quality materials and workmanship.

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