All of our products in our network can be used in all areas especially electronic, security, automatization, medical, machinery, military systems, marine electronics, textile machineries, industrial medical devices etc. within the boundaries of imagination.

An elegant touch to industrial machineries

Our Company, Stil Electronic, is a leading corporation that performing within Turkey and abroad by production of membrane switches, backlight panels ve touch screens. We target to submit high quality with affordable prices and reasonable payment options via our expert staff who possess all innovations of the industry and via our continually renewed developed equipment pool. Therefore, 2 year warranty, quick delivery and affordable pricing policy.

  • We have accomplished staff members who are meticulous on all stages of business, from the receiving order till delivery of the products to the customers.
  • What makes us different is that we prefer the quality since our foundation day, all our material are produced with the highest and latest technologies, and they are able to perform properly in any kind of indoor and outdoor condition.
  • We provide easy of using and classiness via electronic tags, purified on industrial machineries

Why should you choose Membrane Switch?

- Not affected by external factors (water, moisture, dust)
- Ease of Installation
- Long life of graphic designs on the panel thanks to reverse printing
- Possibility to design in proportion to imagination
- To be cheaper than other switch types, to have the desired amount of spare parts in-house
- Provides easy cleaning of contamination on surface
- Long lifetime of keys (min. 2.000.000 strokes)
- Metal dome and embossed models, the touch of the feeling of clarity


Our solution partners

STİL ELEKTRONIK, which is founded on the basis of maximum quality, continuous R&D, ecological sensitivity, sustainable permanent mission philosophy, will continue to be the permanent and biggest brand of the sector in Turkey that will never compromise from these principles.

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