Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch

What is capacitive touch switch?

Capacitive Sensor Foil is successfully produced by our company. It has a very common usage area from small household appliances to smart home systems, automotive sector, medical sector, industrial kitchen sector.


In this type of production, we can also perform electroluminescent lighting application and LED lighting application. In this type of production, ITO Film is used and production can be made by etching method or silver conductive printing method. Since the structure of ITO is permeable to light, our customers generally prefer ITO in illuminated capacitive circuit structures.


Capacitive driver board is needed to complete the functionality of the circuit of the capacitive sensor foil. As Custom Design, our company is highly preferred in our country and especially in Europe, especially by the automotive sector.

How does it work?

There is induction capacitance between any two conductive objects. Normally, a tension is applied to the four angles of the panel and this spreads evenly over the entire surface of the screen; When our fingers come close to the touch button, the inductive capacitance created by the fingers and the ground will increase the value of the total inductive capacitance. When the capacitive touch key IC senses that the inductive capacitance value of a key has changed, it outputs a certain signal. Since there is no mechanical structure for the capacitive touch key, all sensing is a small change in the amount of electricity, so it is more susceptible to all kinds of interference. Therefore, the design of the sensor and the selection of the touch IC are very critical.

Advantages of Capacitive Touch Switches 

  • Long life, the life of the circuit is usually 10 years and is not limited to the usage periods.
  • We offer water and dust resistant solutions.
  • Very easy to backlight and low cost
  • Due to our different material preferences, we produce in accordance with Inmold electronics. If you specify that you will apply inmold in your requests to Stil Elektronik, production is made accordingly.
  • Stylish appearance, flexible design, can be used as variable polyester and polycarbonate decorative panels in the range of 125 microns to 1mm, can be printed with any kind of art and pattern
  • Multiple keys and potentiometers
  • Extremely fast touch response -160 milliseconds
  • Very low current requirements
  • Single or multi-touch
  • Perfect solution for product upgrades or retrofits
  • Affordable technology
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